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(ABOVE) "Penis Envy", photo emulsion on paper, Scotch print, aluminum grommets, nails. Elizabeth Bristow, 1997

(RIGHT) "Second Sight", photo emulsion on paper. Elizabeth Bristow, 1997

MFA Thesis Show, May 1997

Photographs, like distant memory, float in and out of focus. They rebuild a past based on remembrance, a thin gauze veiling truths. It is in our nature to have "selective" memory, and similarly I have selected photographs from my family album. Using these images as a point of departure, my work involkes the melancholia of the past superimposed with objects, such as a mask or a veil, that lends the work new meaning. Completely divorced of its' origins, this work attempts to add associations previously absent as I recycle familiar pictures with loaded psychological meaning.

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