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Harvey Sid Fisher Stole My Brain

With a band comprised of members of Gravitron, Joe Cool, and BugEye, Harvey Sid Fisher crooned his way down the East Coast, entertaining crowds large and small with his infectious songs about the Zodiac & unhealthy human relationships. I went along for the ride, for photos, and what the hell else can you do in the middle of winter for adventure? I came back to my daily trudge with new eyes...I've been slipped The Answer without knowing it. Now I walk around in a daze, humming those damn zodiac songs. They have pushed all other thoughts out of my head. I ask people their sign, just to change the song endlessly playing in my subconscious...I am a disenfranchised Virgo, looking forward to more insanity come May, when Harvey Sid makes his way back East to play a midnight show the Cooler, NYC. Maybe we can taste more luxury this Spring....

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